The photographer is the single most important vendor for your entire wedding. Your wedding is a magical, once in a lifetime event, but it’s over in the blink of an eye. The way you can relive all your fond memories forever is through your photos.

 I am in the film industry so I had very high standards when selecting a wedding photographer. I researched and connected with 25 individual photographers, while my husband was looking into larger wedding photography companies. But then, we stumbled on Rafal and wow! He was unlike anything we’d ever seen. Every photo looked straight out of a magazine, timeless and elegant, and each shoot was better than the last. The moment my husband and I spoke to him on the phone we knew right away, without any hesitation that we were putting our full trust in Rafal, and we are so thrilled with our choice! In fact, he even exceeded our expectations!

 Rafal is incredibly prompt, professional, and passionate about his work. He spoke to us within minutes of our initial email and it’s been open communication with him ever since. He is swift and he thinks on his feet. Trust me, because your hair and makeup may not be done on time, a groomsman may be late, and the weather may not be in your favor. With Rafal, you are in excellent hands, no matter what challenge is thrown at him. Do not underestimate this skill and experience. Rafal is lightning fast with his delivery. Most of our married friends waited up to a year to receive all of their wedding photos. We received all our photos in a few short weeks, literally unheard of especially for the amount and quality of photos he delivered!

Let me also tell you that the engagement editorial shoot was a BLAST! My husband was never a fan of photos and always gets embarrassed. By the end of the day, he had so much fun, he was asking Rafal to take more photos. Rafal directed our poses and angles in such a way that made us both look better and thinner! Some wedding photographers can take a half hour to pose the family and bridal party for so many cliché shots, but Rafal captures authentic smiles and moments. With Rafal's editorial, sleek, and timeless aesthetic, you’ll have shots that will take your heart right back to that moment dancing your first dance, walking down the aisle, and dancing the night away.

Trust me brides and grooms, the day of the wedding is going to be jam packed with a fully detailed timeline… you are going to be spending your entire day with your photographer and its crucial to select a photographer that you will enjoy spending the day with. That’s exactly why we picked Rafal. Rafal is equally friendly, professional, succinct, and fun, he is the “bus driver” for the day that will take you from your beauty prep, to photos, ceremony and reception. He guided us through the entire day. Even our bridal party was blown away with Rafal. They kept telling us Rafal's attention to detail blew their own wedding photographers out of the water. He made sure to communicate with all of the bridal party and made it a priority to interact with our close relatives during the day. He even took the time to show our parents his favorite shots, moments after capturing them.

Do not even hesitate to book Rafal. He delivers impeccable service with attention to every detail. Be wise when selecting a photographer and do not skimp on quality because you will instantly regret it. Understand the importance and value of investing in Rafal, and you will be a very thrilled couple!




Rafal was highly recommended to us by our DJ in the summer of 2018. At the time, Brant and I hadn’t begun looking for a photographer yet, but we decided to check him out anyway. When we first met Rafal, we were immediately impressed with his professionalism and the superior quality of his work. It was very obvious that he was not your typical wedding photographer. All of Rafal’s visuals looked like they belong on a Harper’s Bazaar magazine cover, and I was so excited for Brant and I to be his next subjects. 

In addition, Rafal was just one super cool, down-to-earth, likable guy. He not only seemed like someone that we would love to have document our wedding day, but we could also imagine ourselves being friends with him, and that was really important to us. Ultimately, our search for a wedding photographer began and ended with Rafal that day! He was hands down a perfect fit for us and for our New Year’s Eve wedding.

We invited Rafal to our second home in Bermuda to shoot our engagement editorial. We toured the island for hours, and we had such a blast together that weekend. Rafal took so many beautiful photos of us, each one was more spectacular than the last. He has such an incredible talent, I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the way he managed to capture us as a couple. 

Rafal was the absolute best decision we made during the entire wedding planning process! On the big day, Rafal arrived early and was well dressed. He was extremely organized, very calm and in total control. He knew how to manage time efficiently and effectively, and I cannot imagine our day going as smoothly as it did without him.  Rafal is truly a master of his craft, and I consider Brant and myself very lucky to have been photographed by him. We both secretly wish he could follow us around all day, everyday and continue to narrate our love story.  But we will always cherish the magical moments he has documented for us. 

I can sing Rafal’s praises all day long, but the truth is you must experience him for yourself. I am very confident that Rafal is the next big thing in this industry, so my advice and recommendation to you is to scoop him up while you still can! You will not regret it. 




When choosing Rafal as our photographer we immediately knew to expect greatness. His portfolio blew us away and our expectancy was nothing less than stellar. However, Rafal managed to exceed our already high expectations.

When we met Rafal for our engagement shoot we were nervous. After seeing his work we couldn't imagine how we could possibly deliver the same visuals. But his talent, professionalism, and vision brought ease and comfort to us during the entire shoot and the end result speaks for itself. The feedback we received has been incredible and the photos are commonly referred to as "something out of a magazine."

His passion really shines through every picture he takes and his turnaround time is impeccable. You can tell Rafal doesn't treat photography as just a business, but as an art he truly loves and respects. 

We feel so lucky and privileged to share the most important moment of our lives with Rafal. We wouldn't want anyone else to capture these memories we've waited a lifetime to create.

Having the opportunity to take Rafal to Mexico with us for our destination wedding was a dream come true. After our Editorial photoshoot, we were certain our wedding photos would be spectacular. But in typical Rafal fashion, he managed to exceed every expectation. 

Rafal doesn't just take photographs, he creates memories. He immediately got to work documenting the entire resort, capturing the setting and telling a story of our wedding weekend through his images. His passion exudes out of him. And his turnaround time is so impressive, providing us with an entire highlight reel of our wedding weekend within 48 hours after stepping off the plane. Working with someone who truly loves what they do shows in their work and Rafal is the perfect example of that. 

We knew how fortunate we were to work with Rafal and now seeing the results makes us feel even more fortunate for his time and talent. We are excited to see what the future has in store for him and forever grateful we got to share this momentous occasion with such a rising star.




Wedding planning is emotional. You plan for months on end and naturally you want everything to be perfect. It's quite normal for some decisions to cause you to lose sleep at night however I can whole heartedly say that the easiest and best decision we made was booking Rafal to be our photographer.

I'm a self-proclaimed perfectionist but Rafal puts my ocd to shame. He's beyond passionate about his work and I think our pictures speak for themselves. I truly felt like Rafal cared just as much about our day as we did which took away any and all worries about photos; because if there's one thing you want to make sure is perfect, it's your wedding photos that you'll look back on forever - or every day in my case. 

Rafal took it upon himself to contact our venue, set up an appointment and scope out the location along with surrounding areas so that he can pre-plan shots and not waste any time on our big day. He made sure every hair was in place, bowties were straight, you smiled just enough, your new rings were shining, and that your face wasn't (he carried my makeup in his pocket to make sure I was flawless in every photo). He kept everything professional yet easy and fun - the entire bridal party was laughing all day and some of my friends even said they wish they could re-do their weddings so that they could use Rafal for their photos. 

Needless to say, my husband and I are forever grateful to Rafal for capturing the most important day of our lives in the most perfect way. 




From the moment I came across Rafal’s work last year, I knew that I wanted him to be my wedding photographer. His style of photos was exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t even bother to make an appointment with any one else. My fiancé and I met with Rafal and we automatically clicked. It was a no-brainer that we had found our photographer.

Rafal really did a fantastic job with our engagement shots and wedding. He was so easy to work with and his passion shows when he is working. Any wedding photographer can snap some photos but Rafal really wants you to have the best photographs possible. He planned ahead and knew the best spots at my venue and made sure that we worked with our best angles and light. But he also likes to try new things with you (and they end up working and looking amazing). I knew that my wedding photos were going to be something I wasn’t going to worry about. I remember always telling Rafal, “You, I know, are going to be one of the sure things at my wedding.” And I was right. 

We are so pleased with how our wedding photographs came out. Each photo was just as stunning as the last. Everyone was so impressed with them. Rafal is extremely talented and we are so lucky to have had him as our wedding photographer. These photos will not only last a lifetime but they will be loved for a lifetime, too.

Thank you so much, Rafal! You are seriously the best.




There are no words to describe the professionalism that Rafal boasts. Immediately when you speak to him you know your search has ended for a photographer. I had been following his work for a few years. After he had accepted me as a client, he was communicative, eager to explore photo locations and listen to all of our ideas and thoughts. The way he shoots is unlike anyone else you will find. All of his work oozes in elegance.

He is very personable and you can tell that he truly loves doing what he does. His turn around time is impeccable. He creates heirlooms, timeless pieces that will forever show a moment in time where love caused time to stand still. If you are looking for pictures that will exceed all expectations then you need Rafal, you need his camera, his eyes and his love for his clients. You will not be disappointed, all you will be is in awe.




After searching for photographers online for hours I was first blown away by the photos on his website. Rafal's attention to detail makes every single photo a work of art. We booked him for our wedding right away and shortly after that met him for the first time to do our engagement photos. Rafal gave us enough direction to get the perfect shot, but also worked in the moment and let the process unfold naturally. We couldn't have been more thrilled with the outcome.

To this day I still get compliments on our engagement photos. He communicated with us regularly throughout the year before our wedding, and was nothing but professional on the big day. I had a few ideas of shots I wanted, and Rafal executed them perfectly while putting his own spin on them to make them unique to me and my husband. He has a knack for making his subjects look their best, and every photo captured the emotion from the day perfectly.

I really can't say enough to convey how pleased we were with our entire experience with RM Digital Photography. When the big day is over the only thing that remains are the photos, so in some ways it's the most important wedding decision you will make. I can honestly say this was the best vendor decision we made throughout the entire process. We couldn't be happier. Thanks Rafal!




For my husband and I, choosing our wedding photographer was by far the most important decision because they would capture all the memories of the most important day of our lives. We spent countless hours searching for the perfect photographer and after coming across Rafal’s work it was undeniable that he stood out among everything else we’ve seen. We were getting married in central NJ but I really had my hopes on getting our engagement pictures taken in Philadelphia, where Steve and I had so many great memories. During our initial meeting with Rafal, he was more than willing to accommodate traveling to Philly from NYC to capture our engagement pictures (from my research, many photographers were not). He saw our vision from that initial meeting and made us feel completely at ease. 

Being the detail oriented person that I am, I sent Rafal a bunch of places that I wanted to take pictures at in Philly because I knew he hadn’t been there before and maybe needed some suggestions? Boy was I wrong! Rafal arrived to Philly a few days before our shoot and managed to find amazing spots in the city that I didn’t even know about (I’ve lived there for 3 years!). During our engagement shoot he led the way - I was shocked at all the places he took us to that were absolutely stunning and that I would have never thought of! He has such an artistic vision that was unparalleled. In addition to that, he spent hours with us that afternoon perfecting each shot. He did not give up until each picture was perfect. The product was a work of art. Steve and I couldn’t of been happier with our choice and we knew we could completely trust Rafal to capture our big day!

During our wedding day Rafal was the best person to have around! He arrived early and got everything ready to go. Once again, he showed his dedication to perfecting each shot and I think his work speaks for itself. The pictures are absolutely breathtaking! 

In addition to his work, I’d like to also highlight Rafal’s personality. When planning a wedding, a lot of couples don’t realize that your photographer is the person you will spend the most time with on your wedding day. Rafal is not only professional but so much fun to be around! He makes you completely comfortable and somehow makes us look like professional models at the same time lol! He knows how to work with other vendors, family, friends, bridal party in a way that is personable and professional. In addition to that, he is very responsive - every time I reached out to him he would get back to me right away and answer all my questions asap. 

After seeing our pictures and just knowing Rafal over this past year I could honestly say he was the best decision we made in terms of planning our wedding. I can’t thank him enough for these amazing works of art that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. We are so happy we chose him! 




Let me start off by saying that your wedding is a day you and your husband will look back on for the rest of your life. Having an amazing photographer who was going to capture each and every moment, along with our love for each other was extremely important to Austin and I. Rafal was hands down the best decision that we made regarding our wedding. My husband and I first saw Rafal's work from our friend's wedding that we attended. The photos spoke for themselves, we were blown away with how beautiful and professional they looked.  We wound up booking Rafal two weeks after our friend's wedding. 

When my husband and I first met with Rafal we noticed his passion when talking about his work,  we knew within 5 minutes that our search for a photographer was over. Rafal is by far one of the most professional people we have ever worked with. He truly knows what he is doing, and gives excellent direction. Not knowing anything about the industry or how to act when being professionally photographed, Rafal made it easy and put my husband and I at ease. It was fun and seemed effortless, we wish he could photograph us all the time! 

My husband and I choose our venue due to it's beautiful grounds, it almost reminds you of a European chateau. Rafal knew how important it was to us to capture the beauty of our venue in each of the photos. He arrived a half hour early than our scheduled arrival time and worked our photos in all the best spots of the grounds and gardens. When dealing with our wedding party and family, he was quick and efficient; making sure everyone paid attention and knew where to look or stand. 

As the weeks past and we were travelling the Greek islands, we received a text from Rafal saying that our wedding album would be premiering soon. I cannot begin to say how speechless I was when I finally saw ONLY the first 200 photos. Immediately my phone and my husband's phone started going off with calls and texts from friends and family over how amazing our photos were. I must look at the album at least once a day! My husband and I have already begun referring Rafal to all of our soon to be married friends, we cannot thank him enough for going above and beyond. 




We cannot thank Rafal enough for the amazing job he did in capturing our wedding day.  Rafal is an extremely talented, creative, and passionate photographer. 

We remember when we first visited Rafal in his Brooklyn office when we were deciding on our wedding photographer.  The first thing that struck us about Rafal was his genuine personality; he was not fake and just said it how it is.  We had a good feeling that we would be comfortable working with him which was very important to us.  Sure enough, a few months later during the engagement photo session, we had a great time taking shots around NYC with Rafal, and the photos came out amazing.  We felt comfortable and natural – which made all the difference.  It was a tough decision to make and we were not sure what to expect, but Rafal exceeded all expectations.

When it came time for the wedding day, Rafal was on point yet again.  He was ready, excited, and we all had a fun time taking pictures in Princeton – honestly, we had a really great time with Rafal and his team.  When we saw the wedding day album and the final product, Annmarie and I knew that the best decision we made was going with Rafal.  We received so many complements from family and friends, and we could not be happier with the way everything turned out!




Rafal was recommended to us from our cinematographer who loved his work. I didn't even look at other photographers before that, and after the recommendation I was sold. I booked him through a Skype phone call without hesitation. When I was planning our big day, the most important thing for me was the photos because when all is said and done, you have those forever. My fiancé and I never loved photoshoots and I even told Rafal to take pictures of my guests instead of me and I am glad he put his foot down. 

From the second he walked through the front door on our wedding day, he was a breath of fresh air. His personality and sense of humor made the day that much more relaxed. He guided us throughout the day and never once made me do “corny” or typical bridal poses. He asked if I had any idea shots (which of course I didn’t) but after seeing our pictures, I wouldn’t even be able to come up with or replicate what Rafal did. 

Rafal’s talent is indescribable, his attention to detail is amazing. When we chose him, I knew that was the part of my wedding that I would worry about the least and he proved it. I believe your photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make for your wedding day and we made the best decision in choosing him. As big of a pain I probably was, he was the most calm and patient person and I truly appreciate it. We can’t thank him enough for his drive, patience, professionalism and overall talent. We hope to work with him in the future and wish him nothing but the best. Anyone who chooses him as a photographer for their big day has already made the best decision! 

“If the photographer is interested in the people in front of his lens, and if he is compassionate, it’s already a lot. The instrument is not the camera, but the photographer.” - Eve Arnold

Thank you Rafal for our amazing experience!




Rafal is not just a photographer; he is an artist! He has the ability to see a moment and capture its beauty in a way that few others can. 

From the moment we met Rafal, he established a relationship that made us feel very comfortable with him and in front of the camera. During our engagement photo shoot, he walked us through each pose and idea he had. When he texted us some "sneak peeks" the next day, we knew we had found a winner in Rafal! 

On the day of our wedding, Rafal elevated the level of each photo with his vision and creativity. In addition, he was very attentive to taking pictures that my husband and I had requested. He was able to capture every moment without taking away from the intimacy of the day. You can only imagine our joy when we received some more "sneak peeks" only 3 hours after the reception ended!

All of the products we received from Rafal, from digital photographs to our stunning album, exceeded our expectations and arrived in record time. 

Overall, Rafal's calm, professional demeanor made him a pleasure to work with before, during and after our wedding day. Truly the best decision we made for the best day of our lives was to have Rafal as our photographer!




We found Rafal through a mutual friend of my sisters because I was blown away with how beautiful her wedding photos were. Booking him for our wedding was the easiest and BEST decision we made in the whole wedding planning process. 

We absolutely love all of our engagement and wedding photos and have not stopped receiving compliments on them. My husband and I are generally shy when it comes to posing for photos and being the center of attention, but from the beginning, Rafal made us feel super comfortable. He is extremely friendly, easy-going and funny, but at the same time very organized and focused on making sure his photographs are flawless. All of his pictures truly look like they're straight from a magazine. Rafal's talent and attention to detail is incredible and it truly shows in every single one of his photos. We would highly recommend him to anyone. 

Thank you so much, Rafal, for our beautiful engagement and wedding photos that we will cherish for the rest of our lives!




Having Rafal capture our wedding was absolutely the BEST decision we’ve made!!!

Professional, friendly, humorous, and an amazing wedding photographer are just some words to describe Rafal. From our first encounter with him, he was never pushy and was open to working with us to customize our perfect wedding package. After seeing the pictures from our engagement shoot, we knew we had booked the perfect photographer. His pictures were creative, artistic, and simply beautiful. He even got AWESOME pictures of our crazy puppy in 95 degree weather. 

On the day of the wedding, he was very accommodating, and truly went above and beyond to make sure that every special moment throughout the day was captured beautifully. His charismatic personality captured the entire bridal party's attention and was able to keep everything and everyone on track with our time schedule. Within a few weeks, our photos and slideshow were ready. We are still in awe at how extraordinarily amazing the pictures came out.

Our wedding pictures were also featured by Pnina Tornai! His photography is a true art! Our friends and family are all saying how beautiful our pictures turned out. You truly get what you pay for, and much more! Rafal is not just an incredibly talented wedding photographer, but has also become a great friend!




Having Rafal as our photographer was the best decision we made for our wedding. My husband and I both work in the design industry and we are every wedding vendor's worst nightmare.  We have an eye for detail and are very particular about what we want, especially when it came to planning our wedding. 

Rafal is talented and passionate about his work, he has great vision and works very well to execute it.  His work speaks for itself, his style is classy and timeless.  He also understood what we wanted and went above and beyond our expectations. From our engagement photoshoot to our wedding day we felt that Rafal was not only our photographer but our friend.  He was open to our requests and took them on as a challenge, we felt so comfortable in front of the camera and photos captured truly who we are.  It rained on our wedding day, and we were bummed about not having outdoor photos.  We took indoor images all around our reception hall, and they were absolutely stunning!  We were surprised with how many images Rafal captured despite the rain. 

Thank you Rafal for capturing the most important day of our life!




Nadav and I want to say a huge thank you for being such an incredible photographer. We are in love with all the pictures! 

You captured a wonderful variety of moments that really tell the story of our love for each other… Not only that, but also your attention to details is outstanding (the frame, composition, colors light and shadows… you literally thought of everything). 

The photoshoot itself was also very exciting, you made us feel very comfortable, your professionalism was outstanding and your passion definitely noticed! 

Our family and friends gave us only positive feedback of how beautiful the pictures are!